The Overlooked Organ – Part 4

Control Your Food Environment

Given everything we’ve talked about and what I’ve studied and learned first hand, if I had one piece of advice to give someone for either weight loss or preventing weight gain, it would be to control your food environment.  What does it mean to control your food environment?  It involves creating a home and living space that doesn’t contain calorie-dense tempting food. I urge you not to allow those foods to enter your house. First, it makes it physically harder to eat the foods when they aren’t within arms reach. Second, you won’t experience the same motivational drive to eat because your brain isn’t receiving cues that the chips are four steps away from you.

Please don’t hear me say that you should never be around these foods and never watch TV because of commercials. I’m just saying if you decrease the amount of time you expose yourself to the temptation of unhealthy foods, the better chance your brain has of winning the food and ultimately weight battle.  If the bad foods aren’t in your house, then your brain doesn’t go crazy with cravings to eat it.

Using Your Brain for Weight Loss

In summary, our brains are powerhouses that need to be considered major players in the battle of weight loss.  Create situations in which your brain can win against high caloric, high reward foods.  Do this by avoiding those foods in the first place, prioritizing quality sleep and creating healthy environments in your home.  Enjoy the occasional indulgence when you go out rather than bringing things into your home that will tempt you and undermine your progress.  Use your brain to avoid temptation, reward yourself with things other than food, sleep more and create a healthy environment at home.

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