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The Overlooked Organ – Part 4

Control Your Food Environment Given everything we’ve talked about and what I’ve studied and learned first hand, if I had one piece of advice to give someone for either weight loss or preventing weight gain, it would be to control your food environment.  What does it mean to control your food environment?  It involves creating […]

The Overlooked Organ – Part 3

What’s Sleep Got to Do With It? There’s good evidence from short-term randomized controlled trials that if you restrict a person’s sleep, they will eat more calories, even though they actually may burn a few more calories as well.  You burn fewer calories when you’re asleep and more when you’re awake. However, this additional calorie […]

The Overlooked Organ – Part 2

How Do You Avoid Foods with High Reward Value? Disclaimer: This one is going to be a challenge. The actual definition for Reward value is “the motivational value of the food for you individually.” RV is typically measured in research on a scale of 1-10. The reward value of food is different for everyone. For […]

The Overlooked Organ in Weightloss

Do you know what organ we completely over-look in weight loss?  I’ll give you three hints: It’s an organ you can’t live without It’s an organ that can be manipulated and changed It’s an organ that’s responsible for controlling voluntary and involuntary functions within your body. Did you guess? Your brain! I spent a long […]

Improve your digestion

Whether your goal is your performance in the gym, weight loss or weight gain, digestion plays a pivotal role. “How can that be?” you ask. Think about it for a moment. You consume nutrients in your food. Those nutrients give you energy, they help your metabolism run effectively, they help you lift heavier and recover […]